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l_c_chemistry's Journal

Chemistry: Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield
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A community for adult material/discussions regarding the pairing of Leon/Claire

Welcome to Chemistry: An adult-oriented Leon/Claire community

If you're a fan of the potential pairing of Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the popular video game series Resident Evil/Biohazard and are looking for a place to share art, fanfiction, or simple discussions regarding the more intimate aspects of this couple, then you've come to the right place. There seems to be a lot of fans of this pairing and as such, there also tends to be a fair amount of adult oriented material about them, so it seemed to be about time for a community like this to pop up.

Rules and Regulations:

1: Age verification is required to join Chemistry:

Naturally, given that this community is meant for adult/explicit content, membership is moderated, so you must be eighteen or older to join. Once a moderator has confirmation of your date of birth, which must be present on your profile, you'll be welcomed in to bask in the smutty Cleon glory.

2: Submission warnings:

Despite the fact that this community is designed to share adult material, all submissions regarding art and fiction must be kept behind an lj cut and a description of what you're posting is expected.

3: Members Only

When posting in this community, be sure to set your post to members only. This community has moderated membership for a reason.

4: Behavior

Not everybody will have the same views about Leon/Claire nor will everybody find the same sort of material enjoyable, so be polite and try not to get on each others' cases for having differing opinions or likes. This is an adult community, so maturity is expected.

5: Flaming

Don't join this community if you don't like this pairing and simply intend to cause trouble. We don't wanna hear any of your lame, couple bashing crap, so please keep away from this community if it just isn't your cup of tea, all right?

6: Monsters

This is a Leon/Claire community, folks. Please, for the sake of everyone's sanity, keep the tentacle and/or monster rape the hell out of here, thank you very much.

7: Participation

We know that not everyone is a writer or an artist, but regardless it's nice to leave feedback to those who actually do post in the community. Joining just to lurk without ever participating in discussions or offering feedback isn't going to help this community thrive, so you have to actually participate a bit if you join.

Questions? Message a moderator.

General community moderator: araccoongirlie
Ultimate Cleon moderator: cleonism