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Chemistry: Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield
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5th-Jan-2009 08:19 pm - A Very Small Leon/Claire Song Fic
[got] direwolf
The following is a very short song fic about our favorite couple. Names aren't mentioned, but it isn't hard to figure out who is speaking.

Honey - Bonnie McKee

(Here's the song that's used in this story. I reccomend playing it while reading this, it'll make it that much better. Unfortunately it doesn't start from the beginning. I blame imeem.com for that.)

Reviews are: ♥

Enjoy everyone!

Can't Let GoCollapse )
6th-Jan-2009 02:17 am - Claires' Flare...
Drop, Fred, Dead
.. Got to love that on the voice bloopers reel!

I've watched it far too many times. Anyway I posted caps of what happened moments before the diving clip.

Screencaps and comments under this cut.Collapse )

28th-Dec-2008 11:39 am - Updated Rules
All right, folks. I just want all of the current members and any future members to be aware of a new rule that is taking affect today. Communities thrive on participation and we've gotten a fair deal here at Chemistry, but it seems as if it's only from the same ring of specific members.

It's all right if there are those of you who aren't writers, artists, or video makers, but it's nice to leave feedback on what other contribute or at least join in on the Cleon discussions. Sitting around and reading without at least chiming in to offer your opinions is going to eventually make those who do actually add anything to the community want to stop doing so and that might cause this place to become dead like so many others. Please, participate more, lurkers.
22nd-Dec-2008 11:04 pm - Mod Post
{Leon/Claire} When we were young
Just a reminder:

When posting in this community, please remember to set your post to members only. This is a locked community with moderated membership, and leaving posts set so that anyone and everyone can see them undoubtedly defeats the purpose. If you've made a post and haven't locked it, please edit it.
16th-Dec-2008 12:33 pm - #96; you picked me
Claire Bitch Please
UM YEAH. So it's like 57 degrees in my apartment because my heater's BROKEN and it's snowing and poop sandwich. Figured I'd write a little something, ahahaha. No porn again, but some references to it and whatnot. XDDDD

They could be friends, but they could be something more, too.Collapse )
15th-Dec-2008 02:58 am - Moderation
All right, everyone. I think a public mod post is in order.

Chemistry hasn't been open for very long and we've gotten a good few members since the community's creation yet despite the welcome flood of membership requests, eikesjacket and I have had to reject several people due to one specific reason.

If your date of birth is not listed in your profile, we cannot add you to the community.

The aforementioned is mentioned in the Rules section of the profile, so please fully read over the rules and make sure you have the proper information listed in your profile before sending a membership request or messaging either moderator to say how you don't understand why your request wasn't approved. All that we ask is that you read and understand the rules before attempting to join.
11th-Dec-2008 12:25 am - #1; modern romance
Okay, so tomorrow is OFFICIALLY my last day of classes and I decided to celebrate (after I finished my last paper, of course) tonight by watching Degeneration and WRITING, glorious non-school-related writing!!

Set post-Degeneration, just kind of a vague what-if kind of scenario or whatever. Sorry, no humping! It's nearly 2 am. I need to go to bed!

Leon really, really liked Claire.Collapse )
23rd-Nov-2008 06:14 pm - Welcome!
And here we have the first post in Chemistry. Be sure to read the facts and rules in the profile page before joining or posting.
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